I truly believe your story is history in the making. On your wedding day, you will be adding to the generations of stories, building upon the architecture of your own life. Allow me to guide you, not only on your wedding day, but in the days leading up to it.

By advising and accommodating you, we will set the stage for an immersive, unforgettable wedding day, allowing you to be present in the brief, yet timeless moments that I’ll capture for decades to come.

found yourself caught up in a European landscape, absorbed by the generations of history, the stillness of life and the unbeatable connection you feel to it all? To be present in a cultured, soulful experience — this is what your wedding should feel like.

Have you ever

It is my goal to learn of your history, and to translate your story into artful, inspired photographs.

About Esther Makau, Austin Photographer
Documenting memories as they unfold

Esther is an Austin photographer known for her rhythmic, smiling and embracing personality. Having received degrees in both fashion and business management, Esther is trusted with bringing an organized, sophisticated approach to weddings, helping her couples style and manage the details without surpassing the moments. 

In addition, having traveled the world, noticing the beauty and history behind every element, you’ll often catch Esther incorporating a similar style into her work — blending history with culture to document modern love stories. 

Born and raised in Kenya with an 8-year detour in Germany, Esther now calls San Antonio home, where she lives with her daughter and son, and their two labradoodles. A majority of her work takes place in San Antonio and Austin, TX; she is also available for travel.

About Esther Makau

The journey you take with your wedding photographer is one built on kindness and trust. As your photographer I want to know and understand you. By connecting with you on this deep level, I can be of service to you on the most important day of your life. Here are a few things that most of my couples believe in, and therefore seek to honor on their wedding day.

Traveling is a part of who you are, an integral part of your story and the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to create for yourself. And it so happens that your honeymoon is likely to take place in Europe, or somewhere stateside that feels just as charming.

Deep conversations captivate you, and you would much prefer a group of loyal, close-knit friends as opposed to one hundred acquaintances.

Mindfulness and laughter are equally important to you, and you’ve noticed that you savor both the calm, slow-paced moments with a good book, and those refreshingly light and laughter-filled evenings with friends and a glass (or two) of wine.

Are we a good fit?

Before I Accompany You On This Journey...

When I grew up, my parents didn't take many photos of my siblings and I. It was all about survival and photography was a luxury. I’m only able to imagine the details of our family story with the few images my parents have of themselves and my siblings. 

The lack of those memories is why I do what I do. I want my children and other children to know the love stories of their parents, to understand their family’s journey. Wedding photography tells a story for future generations.

The Photographs I Never Had

I was born and raised in Kenya, giving me an innate love of culture and music. I get all of my tea from back home in Kenya.

I want to understand you and know you before I photograph you. 

You’ll often find me cherishing quality time with my kids, traveling or savoring a good red-blend wine. 

In 1997, I took part in the Miss Kenya beauty pageant —dressing up was so fun!

I lived in Germany for 8 years. You might catch me saying, “Genau,” which can mean “exactly,” or “I hear you.”

I speak 3 languages fluently — English, Swahili and Akamba, and can get by in German.


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